The Company

Integrasi Megakanal Agensi

Since its establishment in 2016, MegaCanal is focusing on developing its Retail as a Service (RaaS) called Enterprise Commerce Cloud Service (ECCS), which integrates all sales channels from offline to online, and official brand site to e-marketplaces, into a single dashboard.

ECCS’ first phase finished in the middle of 2017, and early 2018 it started to handle one furniture company from Japan, one SIM card company which also from Japan and one food brand from Indonesia, and gained revenue around IDR 2 billion. Early 2019 ECCS still handled those clients and launched curtain company from Japan in March and health equipment from China in October.

The development of ECCS continues to reach its perfection, and more to that the development of other sales channels that integrated with ECCS started in 2017.

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