Maximum use of sales opportunities by automating desk-works such as reporting and document preparation so that the sales team can focus on customer visits.

In order to provide the best product purchase experience and satisfy the customers, it is important to create an environment where you can concentrate on frequent, optimal client visits. "Sales support application" connects sales team manager and sales team to the customers all the time and system will automates the most of deskwork, such as internal and extaernal reporting, documentation, so that the sales representatives can concentrate to visiting and doing the best deal with customers. 

This platform will arrange the schedule of the sales team with the best preparation for the customers and support the sales team to make maximum use of sales opportunities of each client. This system not only automates complicated deskwork but also optimizes product stocks scattered in various places and shares information in real time, thereby enabling the best sales plan, enabling sales teams and customers all the time. We are aiming at promoting best meetings and raising sales maximize.

Main Features

This application is intended to be used by your sales team, which include the sales administrator, sales manager, and sales representatives. All the sales members having connected to the customers in real time, so sales persons can be concentrating the client visit without any complicated deskwork. The relation in between your sales admin, your sales representatives and your customers are optimized by "Sales order system" as follow:

Sales Administrator

Schedule and manage day-to-day sales meeting or Clients visits.

Formulation of meetings and planned visits by customers, sales schedule details management of each sales representatives (display and management of accurate time and exact location on the mobile phone of sales representatives)

Real-time sales management

The GPS can confirm the scheduled meeting place in real time on the map, so the administrator can see the position of each sales representatives and can receive meeting reports in real time. In addition, once the order is approved by the customers, it is also possible to receive the purchase order in real time.

Confirmation of automatic billing issue and outstanding payment.

When an order is created, an invoice is automatically issued. The total invoiced balance is also automatically aggregated with outstanding payments.

​Sales Representatives

Accept meeting schedule and participate in scheduled meeting 

Arriving at the scheduled meeting, the sales representatives will "check in" as a report of the participation of the meeting. GPS will locate the sales representatives with specifying time checked-in, as a proof that the person is joining the planned meeting. 

Connect meeting result to direct sales

It is possible to connect the result of the meeting directly to the sale through the system. Smooth ordering management is possible by directly managing and issuing purchase orders at meeting places. The order will not be completed unless you get OTP (One Time Password) approval from the client.

Checking inventories real-time.

The order cannot be made if the stock of the product chosen is zero. Real-time synchronization is happened automatically, so it will allow the sales representative to also check the stock real-time.


Approving the order in time.

According to the quick fullfillment of the client needs, based on the meeting, the sales representative prepare the purchase order on the location of the meeting and be approved by the customers decision maker in real time.


In order to be approved, the decision maker of the customers receives OTP (One Time Password) on his cell phone and is approved in real time by the approval button.


The approval process is secure, as OTP can only be received by the registered decision maker of the customers.

Checking the invoice and the payment history.

All of invoice and payment history can be viewed from the application.

Confirmation of the payment also can be done through the application.

Arranging & Monitoring Meeting : Sales Admin

Create a meeting schedule for each sales representatives along with accurate time and location utiliszes GPS information.

Because GPS expresses the location of the sales representatives  (meeting place) in real time, the administrator can confirm the location in real time with each sales representatives'  meeting attendance.

Checking-in The Meeting : Sales Representatives

When arriving at the destination of the meeting, the sales representatives "checks in" as a meeting attendance certificate with the mobile application. As GPS identifies sales representatives at the time of check-in, sales managers can receive real-time reports from each sales representatives .

Converting Meeting to Sales: Sales Admin

Sales representative can be checked the inventory of the order at the meeting, create purchase order, as well as receive the approval from the customers on the spot of the meeting. If the inventory of the selected product is zero,  will inform of the next inventory arrival date in place of the ordering work.  Since real-time inventory management is automatically synchronized, sales representatives can carry out real-time stock confirmation - ordering at on site of the meeting.

Converting Meeting to Sales (cont’d) : Sales Representative with Customers

Sales Representatives 

Confirmation of order (shopping cart), those with no stock, will be provided with the next inventory replenishment information. After customer's approval, order is completed


In the approval process, after the person in charge (PIC) receives the OTP (one-time password) on his/her's mobile phone, it approves with the mobile application. The approval process is safe, as OTP can only be received by registered authorized in personnel.

Invoice & Payment History : Sales Admin and Customers

Sales Admin

Once the order created, the invoice is automatically issued. The total balance of the invoice is also automatically summarized with the outstanding payment.


All of invoice and payment history can be viewed from the registored mobile application. Confirmation of the payment also can be done through the egistored mobile application.

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