Create "Delicious" Mobile Experience

The mobile device has made a difference to how to enjoy the restaurant. By offering an experience that can be easily ordered with a tablet, it is possible to improve sales while suppressing personnel expenses and improve customer satisfaction.

Smart Cooking-to-Serving Timing

The timing from cooking to serving is the key to increasing customer satisfaction. By smoothly managing the time from efficient cooking to accurate distribution, it will lead to an increase in repeaters.

Easily Manage Inventory

The inventory control system can optimize inventory accurately and wastefully, saving considerable time spent on inventory management for both owners and employees. With this state-of-the-art function, you can browse inventory information with just a few clicks. Inventory management system can also edit and convert new, semi-cooked inventory such as cooking paste using input material. For each menu, simply specify the required materials, the inventory quantity of ingredients and detailed information will be automatically updated.

Connect with customers to boost sales

Automatically manage tables and menus that customers prefer. Especially on an anniversary such as your birthday, we will improve customer satisfaction by doing special weiring! It is also easy to make CRM to inform you of reservations and seasonal "season".

Timely stock management by POS

All order data (menu, date / time, customer name, table number, etc.) through the POS system are accumulated and the inventory is constantly optimized. We will inform in advance the necessary stocks for menus with many orders and beverages with few stocks and prevent the shortage of inventory.

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