No. 1 Adopted Recommendation Engine in JAPAN

"Submit! Recommend" Engine

User browsing number, purchase history analyzed, display relevant items and information. Realize the recommendation effect that you can expect a 120% increase in sales.

What is recommendation engine ASP

Recommend is to present items and information that match the taste of visitors at EC sites, information sites. By analyzing the information of other visitors whose preferences are close from the browsing history and purchase history of visitors, we narrow down the appropriate items and information to present the migration rate of the site and the purchase rate of the product. Recommendation engine ASP is an ASP service that allows you to easily set up and display a system that displays recommendation on the site.

"Submit! Recommend" is the recommendation engine service of No.1 in Japan. High cost efficienty wiliest effectiveness, in addition to easy-to-use functions. Functions to contribute to re-visiting of users who leave the site, not only the migration rate but also the increase the CV within the site.

New recommendation mail function that increases repeaters has been added.

Once you leave the site you can prompt the user to revisit, so you can expect more repeaters and more CVs.

Recommend e-mail function to increase repeater

It is a function that can deliver recommended products for each user based on behavior and purchase history in the site. "Submit Recommend's" recommendation e-mail can be easily introduced to the e-mail delivery service that customers normally use, and hard setting and system cooperation are not necessary. Since it is possible to deliver rankings and new arrivals as well as recommendations, it is possible to approach users in various ways.

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