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With a combination of automatic translation, professional translation, and self-editing functions you can multilingualize your website in as little as 3 minutes.

Translation without trouble with automatic translation by AI.

Automatic translation automatically translates web site text with the latest AI based translation technologyusing neural network. Because it corresponds to over 100 languages ​​worldwide, you can translate basically any language.

Request to a professional for high quality native translation.

Wrong translations will damage the important images of companies and services. By asking a professional translator to translate, we provide high-quality translated text that is conveyed to customers abroad .

Fully text multilingual with text editing and image replacement.

You can edit the automatic translation result from the administration screen, register the translation of the proper noun by the user dictionary registration function , and replace the image for the multilingual , so the sentence and the image are firmly multilingualized.

Shutto Translation"content editing function" , Layout and element adjustment as you wish.

  • Once translated into English, the layout has collapsed because it became long sentences.

  • I want to add original elements to multilingual pages only.

  • I want to delete elements for guiding maps and shops.


We often hear such troubles from customers who actually use it. shutto HONYAKU , layout and technology elements can be adjusted freely from the management screen with layout change technology cultivated over many years.

Shutto support translaation of over 100 languages worldwide.

Automatic translation, self-editing function supports over 100 languages ​​worldwide, so you can basically translate any language . Professional translation is planned to further expand the number of languages ​​mainly in the Asia-ASEAN region.

With highly editable editing screen, you can intuitively edit sentences and replace images.

Since you can intuitively edit text and change images while watching the preview and post-translation site preview screens, you do not need special site development skills .

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