Serving brands by integrating all sales channels from offline to online, and official brand site to e-marketplaces, into a single dashboard

Main Service

Enterprise Commerce Cloud Service

ECCS is an Retail as a Service (RaaS) platform, which with it the brand is able to centrally manage its products across all sales channels on one management screen. And which through it, all transactions will be integrated, from posting products, inventory, purchasing orders, to picking-packing and delivery.

ECCS Platform’s Key Features

01 / Data Linkage with All Channels
02 / Optimize Inventory Management
03 / Understanding the Purchase Behaviour

New products posted on the Brand Official Online Store constructed by ECCS will be posted simultaneously in flagship store in Online Marketplace. And every transaction through the Brand Official Online Store or through Online Marketplace will be received and recorded in the Dashboard.

ECCS construction can be done quickly, and its management can easily be done with one management screen. When product purchase is made on the channel registered in ECCS, all purchase data is recorded in ECCS.

ECCS is providing accurate real-time stock information to all channels and optimizes delivery operations by managing orders from all channels. Upon receiving the order receipt and payment confirmation, the system automatically confirms the product closest to the shipping destination. If there are multiple warehouses, ECCS instantly shares shipping information, from picking to packing, and passes shipping instruction to warehouse which closest to the delivery destination.

Other than Product Best Seller, ECCS also showing report of Product Purchase Trend so the brand can predict which product need to be added in stock and which need to be reduced.

From ECCS the brand can also learn about the best sales channel and the location of its customers.

D2C Experience Center

The needs to actually feel by touching, smell, taste, and see can be fulfilled in this experience showroom.

As RaaS, ECCS is completed with an experience shop, in where consumers’ sensory needs can be fulfilled. This experience shop is filled by brands’ products and the purchased transaction in this shop also integrated.

e-Agency Singapore’s priority is to serve the brands to be able to do Direct to Consumer (D2C), which allows brands to deliver high-quality products at a reasonable price by building contact points with customers.

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