By optimizing customer trends in purchasing behavior, you can maximize "sales opportunities"
in all sales channels.

Today's consumers expect to receive the same service quickly and easily in every sales channel. Our platform ECCS (Enterprise Commerce Cloud Service) enables us to provide the same service in any channel, from the offline market to the online market.

ECCS will not lose sight of its purchasing behavior even if customers are moved across sales channels and devices. If it is a registered channel, it can provide seamless service through any channel and will never miss out on any channel purchase opportunities. ECCS always allows you to connect you and your customers whatever contacts you have from all registered channels, keeping your relationships closer to your customer.

ECCS that makes it possible to experience along with purchasing behavior with customers who continue customer journeys, straddling many registration sales channels. Customers on the ECCS network can lead seamless experiences of purchasing behaviors across online, mobile and real store channels, leading to purchasing behavior on the Omni Channel.

New products posted on the brand site constructed by ECCS will be posted simultaneously in the flagship store operated in e-market place in each country in order to maximize its sales channel. This makes it possible to connect easily to consumers across the country and maximize sales opportunities. ECCS connect to e market in eachcountries in most effective way to operates multiple sales channels, and we will deliver your products to customers nationwide.

Without ECCS

Building all the sales channels (e-market place from each brand site separately) requires huge production time and cost, and we can not follow purchasing behavior across customers' channels. In addition, purchase records (customer information) through e-market place are difficult to obtain, which also hinders CRM.

ECCS can easily connect to existing POS system as well. Upon receiving the order receipt and payment confirmation, the system automatically confirms the product closest to the shipping destination. If there are multiple stores or warehouses, instantly share shipping preparation information from picking to packing, instructing shipping to the store closest to the delivery destination or warehouse, while optimizing inventory allocation according to the sales to do.


Multi-channel construction can be done quickly, and its management can easily be done with one management screen. When product purchase is made on the channel registered in ECCS, all "contact point with customer: purchase data" is recorded in ECCS, so it is possible to perform unique marketing campaign tailored to customers (One to One marketing)

In order to understand customer's request more deeply, attending to customer's purchasing behavior and overlapping experience together leads to a satisfying purchasing experience as a result of deep understanding of the product.

Quick and secure payment options

Quick and convenient payment options. You can complete the payment procedure with a reliable, easy and rich payment method, such as credit card, bank transfer, Internet banking, ATM payment.

Smart order and inventory

Unify management of orders from all sales channels, improve delivery operations, optimize. We will shorten and optimize the cost and time related to fulfillment by simultaneously providing accurate and real-time inventory information to customers and affiliates.

Cost-effective, easy and quick.

It provides a highly reliable, high-performance system experience without requiring enormous, institutional system construction and update costs. Integration with existing systems can also be facilitated by using the provision API, which significantly shortens the time to market.


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