Commercial sales only at a real store or on our own e-commerce brand site is the same as selling goods on an island. Utilizing the strengths of real stores, Omni Channel measures will link sales channels on / offline together and make maximum use of sales opportunities for top e malls in each country. The omni-channel policy by ECCS is the most effective way to maximize "sales opportunities" along with "improving services" to customers.


ECCS can centrally manage products scattered in all registered channels on one management screen. Integrate and optimize from real store inventory, consigned inventory, inventory of brand e-commerce to e-market place inventory. Inventory management of all registered products scattered in multi-channel can be done easily.

Flexible customization


A unique site design that visualizes your business is a powerful weapon that stands out your site from as many URLs as there are stars. Maximizing sales channels with Only One's site design, not relying on open source, can improve the quality of online presence to a new stage.

Quick & easy, multi store expansion


Product detailed information such as product color variations, specs, sizes etc. is an important factor to enhance purchase opportunities. eccscan quickly and easily upload unique products unique to each company, from price to detailed product information, to each e-market place.

Video Player to Help Boost Sales

A weak point of e-commerce is that things can not be touched. The video tutorial function represented by Youtube‘stutorial video, is not only be recovered this weakness but also can explain in detail the usage of the product, the maintenance method, etc. that you do not know by touching real products.

Omni Channel Measures

The unique concept of the Omni Channel is to open a wide variety of sales channels quickly, easily, with a low budget. At the "customer contact point" which has expanded greatly with changes in the market, we will also develop new customers while enabling "customers seamless purchasing experience" even for customers with contact points on each channel.

Payment process


Simplify payment process + Reduce risk. Minimize its cost while improving the customer experience in the payment process. Also, the system that minimizes the risk of the payment process is the most important function of winning customer trust. The ECCS payment process promises to be safe, easy, quick.

Inventory Optimisation System

Unit management and optimization of available inventory of goods in the market on / off together. In line with the sales of each market, we will properly update inventory and do not miss "sales opportunities". With this system, it is possible to share inventory situation in real time from store inventory to consignment, warehouse stock.

Inventory Management System

In addition to inventory management that exists in multiple warehouses and real stores, you can grasp the inventory situation of each spot in real time, so it is minimize to inventory shortage, therefore do not loose opportunity to purchase. Optimizing all the inventories in the cloud makes it possible to respond quickly to customer demand.

Order Management System

Upon receipt of payment confirmation by order receipt, the product closest to the ship-to party: the inventory is specified, the order is made, and the preparation for prompt delivery preparation. Even when there are multiple shops and warehouses, delivery instructions are automatically issued to shops and warehouses closest to the delivery destination, and ordering work is carried out.

Delivery Management System

ECCS 's distribution network is connected to 72,000 sub - district throughout Indonesia. Delivery quality is an important process that appears directly in the brand evaluation. ECCS carries high-quality delivery functions by reliable logistics partners and ensures delivery of important products.

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