"Mega canal" pursues how you can keep contacts with consumers on a regular basis in order to bring about a major change in product sales. Consumer expectations and actions are far beyond technologies and services that are available at that time anytime.
Today's consumers are looking for the necessary information: content anytime, anywhere, regardless of device or application choice. In order to catch up with this "permanently connected" consumer, we need technology that can provide purchasing experience over imagination.

Safe use of cloud technology. 

By integrating data in the cloud, it is possible to respond more freely, quickly and reliably. Also, record all touch points by constantly connecting and integrating actions in web applications and mobile applications to customer database. It is possible to analyze "customer journey" of 360 degree viewpoint.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management )


It is impossible to understand customer's request without having a good relationship with the customer. Utilization of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a textbook for thinking deeper "customers want products" and at the same time can maximize their sales opportunities more efficiently will do.

Seamless multichannel experience


Today's consumers do not stay on a single sales channel, visit real stores, compare prices on mobile, do not worry about business hours, ask questions to the support team on the social media network. By "always connecting" these interactions, it is possible to simultaneously experience consumer behavior.

Omni Channel Strategy. Provide seamless service consistently and in all sales channels

Inventory management and optimization system


ECCS improves and optimizes delivery operations by unifying and managing orders from all sales channels.  At the same time as providing accurate real-time stock information to customers and logistics affiliates, it is possible to drastically reduce the cost and time required for shipping work and to optimize the fulfillment work flow.

Consistent service at the "customer contacts" with   online and offline stores 


Touch the product at a real shop and compare the prices online. For example, if it is a large item, you would like to deliver your home, immediately purchase what you need in a real store. Also, when receipt time is limited, we receive goods at the nearest convenience store. By taking inventory control that includes all the operations from real stores to online, by balancing the on-off and off-store opening, your business grows bigger and you can have more contact points with customers.

Omnichannel strategy maximizes touch points to products = sales opportunities.


With the Omni Channel policy, it will become possible to expand “consumer and product touch points = purchase opportunities” in a well-balanced manner.  At IDC:(International Data Corporation, a provider of market information, advisory services, information technology, communications, consumer technology market events provider) predicted that more than half of all stores will build an e-commerce brand site till 2019

Increase sales through flexible inventorymanagement

Increase fulfillment options to improve sales. By integrally controlling the inventory of shops, suppliers, and partners and making it a mini logistics center, it is also possible to reduce the inventory management operation costs of each country. Shop inventory is shared with inventory for online sale, shipping from shops is also possible, flexible inventory allocation from A store to B store, and optimization. Digital transformation can also increase sales in inventory management.

Take your company “global”

What is Cross Border Commerce?

The term cross-border e-commerce generally defines international online trade. In the case of cross-border e trade, purchasers and sellers do not exist in the same country, and even they are using different currencies and languages,ecommerce transaction done easily. Online cross-border transactions such as business (retailer or brand) and consumer (B2C), business operator (B2B), or consumer (C2C) are becoming commonplace.

How big is the size of the opportunity?

By 2020, more than 2 billion e-commerce projects are expected to account for 13.5% of national retail consumption by 60% of the world's population. (Global B2C GMV, CAGR 13.5% from 2014 to 2020) Data Source: Accenture

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