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Enterprise Commerce Cloud System (ECCS) objective is to serve the retailers to have better experience in contact with their consumers as Retail as a Service (RaaS)

Online Merge Offline

From its started until now, MegaCanal’s belief that “online and offline must bound together” is never changed. Before 2020, Enterprise Commerce Cloud Service (ECCS) was created with a function as an omni-channel platform, which with it the brand is able to centrally manage its products across all sales channels on one management screen.

From 2020 forward ECCS will keep focusing on Online Merge Offline (OMO), without border on each side. The reason is because purchasing power still came from the offline activities, which is more than 90% contributed to Indonesia’s GDP, and online allows better data collection and data analytics.

With Enterprise Commerce Cloud Service (ECCS) brands are able to centrally manage their products across all sales channels on one management screen. The sales channels can be online or offline.



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